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Apex Neutral 75 - DIY Solar Film


Available widths: 60" Neutral solar control window film with a great light transmission properties and very low reflective qualities. VISIBLE LIGHT TRANSMITTED:  76% ULTRAVIOLET BLOCKED: 98%+ REFLECTIVITY: 9% TOTAL SOLAR ENERGY REJECTED: 38%  ...

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Apex Opaque Matte Black Vinyl


Available Width:  48" Black opaque window film - glossy on the adhesive side and matte finish on the other.  Total privacy window film that also blocks out all visual light. This film comes with paper backing which makes it an excellent film...

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Apex Pulp Paper - Standard Pre-Cut Sizes


Pre-Cut Sizes Available:  24" x 36", 24" x 48", 24" x 72" and 11.5" x 84" Attractive matte frost privacy film with pattern of fibrous strands.  This film offers very good light flow and privacy characteristics. Neutral film appropriate for...

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Apex Silver 15 - DIY Solar Film


Available widths: 23", 36", 60" Solar control window film with a silver finish, highly reflective offering excellent daytime privacy, heat and glare control.  High-grade, sputter-coated film. VISIBLE LIGHT TRANSMITTED:  17% ULTRAVIOLET...

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