Static Cling and Low-Tack

While all Apex Window Films are removable, the films in this category can be removed more easily, typically in one piece and can often be re-used.  There are two sub-categories:  Static Cling and Low-Tack.  Static Cling films have no adhesive and while typically installed with a slip-spray or water are easily removed and can be stored on their original backing and re-applied to another window or at a later date.  Low-Tack films have a different adhesive than our other wet-mount adhesive films, allowing them to be removed and reused from flat surfaces (if they have been applied to a contoured surface they may not be reusable but will still be simple to remove in the future).  The low-tack films are great for any smooth surface - not just for glass.

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Molten - Static Cling Window Film


Available Width 35.5" Textured, clear, colorless decorative privacy window film with the bubbling look of lava.  Provides good light flow.  This is a static cling film which is applied without chemical adhesives.

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