A1 - Premium APEX VLT-20 Wholesale Auto Tinting Film

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Available widths: 60"

WARNING:  THIS FILM NOT FOR USE ON EXTERIOR ARCHITECTURAL WINDOW GLASS, but may be used if the glass is single pane or tempered.


This is a premium, 3 year, 2-ply automotive window tint; Visual Light Transmission (VLT) 20.  Please check you local bi-laws regarding auto window tinting before ordering this product.


This product is only available in 60" roll width, however, you may choose to split the roll into two; Choose either 20" + 40", 24" +36", or 30" + 30".  Please allow for 1/8" to 1/4" loss when splitting rolls.


*Please ensure before ordering that your automotive window film of choice meets provincial and local laws for motor vehicles.  It is sometimes necessary to order 2 different shades of tint to meet laws in your area.