GTA Portfolio


Images of commercial and residential window film installations from the Greater Toronto Area



Glass walls around an office lounge with yellow bucket charis and a television, there is a band of frosted window film with graphic-cut lettering in a arc formation that reads CBC Sports
conference room with 2 glass walls that have privacy window film covering most of the middle portion, in the foreground is a foosball table
downtown Toronto office interior glass window privacy with sleek lines graphic
Aqua and teal window film with swirl pattern and large cannabis leaf motifs
gym interior glass wall privacy window film print mural of woman running head-on view in black and white
Toronto restaurant privacy window frost with graphic print that looks like tropical leaves
Storefront glass with full-coverage opaque white window film depicting hand drawn fruits and vegetalbes in black outline with highlight colours and abstract shapes purple, yellow, blue, green and red and the words GOOD FORK in what appears to be hand printed font
modern Toronto house with solar film installed on large  windows on the front of the house
Retail storefront with custom printed privacy window frost and graphic cut lettering
graphic cut window film for decor and privacy on a residential front door in Toronto
fluted glass privacy window film installed on a modern office interior glass doors and walls
Aurora restaurant from the parking lot featuring privacy window film on the patio glasswall/fence
striking transparent blue window film installed on plexiglass wall at gym for accent colour
restaurant wall mural printed colour graphic of floating market
birdstrike pattern window film installed at the metro Toronto zoo
union station Toronto window frosted privacy window film project glasswalls and doors
black out film on commercial doors to prevent light and total privacy, you can see the reflection of the photographer in the door
one-way gradient frost in living room with all white decor
accent graphic with food images on interior glasswall in office cafe
sylish white kitchen with frosted window film to block an unsightly view
lake with sail boat and birds frost window graphic in dental office
hotel glasswall half-up window graphic trees twigs
conference room glasswall privacy window film with clear transom
reflective solar control privacy window film installed on a home with brick wall
frosted window film in glass door insert with  unevenly spaced narrow lines cut to create angular pattern
interior glasswall window graphic at consulate office
frosted window film with company name and logo in colour
tree graphic cut in frost on a residential patio door
sports bar entry glass doors with full colour graphic football and basketball
custom decorative semi-privacy film for office interior, a clear background with alternating white squares and company logo in a white circle
custom printed decorative semi-privacy film for glass or plexiglass cubicle dividers, clear field withdifferent shaped pills in white
Custom window graphics, two tone white and orange frost in orange frames that look like wavy piano keys
wall graphics at Toronto tv studio colour bars and lettering
retail windows with photo-realistic graphics of a smiling family and transom windows above with blue pattern film and white lettering
Offices with checker pattern white and frost privacy window film covering the glass walls except transom
Retail window graphic lettering and a blue, white and yellow bicycle graphic
business name and logo custom wall graphic
wall graphic within a mall retail store that is covered for renovation annoncing new store opening with fashion pictues
interior wall at tv studio shiny graphic black and white studio 40
downtown restaurant interior showing window film on the  exterior windows and doors
company logo graphic cut in frost on lobby glasswall
washroom glass door with etched frost for privacy with window film
condo glass slider privacy with windowfilm
mid-line tall frosted bar on glass doors
hand print cut graphic in privacy frost


“The frosting is nothing short of perfect. Your crew was nice, quick and professional. When they left the area was as clean as it was when they came in. Truly was a great experience working with Apex from beginning to end. I’ve submitted your contact information to the building manager since we had such a great experience with you. Hopefully it turns onto more work for you guys. Thanks for a great experience.”

Steve Commercial Client, Toronto

“The installation process was organized and efficient. Their employees were all pleasant, informative and unobtrusive. We were dreading the work… but in the end they did not really disrupt us too much and they were so neat and orderly that it was probably the most pleasurable “install” we have ever been through. Thanks you again…”

I.T., North York, Ontario

“We are so satisfied with the window film that was applied to the wraparound windows of our apartment. The workmen were so quiet and professional with a very low level of disruption to our household. Jan was completely honest in what we could expect in terms of what the film would accomplish. The results were exactly as she described. Our building manager was so impressed that he requested Apex’s phone number to recommend it to new tenants. He also passed on the number to other tenants in our building who were having severe sun-heat problems even with air conditioning. So thank you Jan – it was a pleasure to meet you and we are so glad that we listened to you.”

B.N., Certified Interior Designer, Toronto