Perforated - DIY Decorative Privacy Window Film

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Available Width 48"

Evenly spaced, tiny, uniform, circles create a screen-type effect such as seen on bus wraps over windows. Zoom in on the photo for a truer look at this effect.

Typically installed on the exterior side (outside) of the window, this film is black on the adhesive side (inside) and white on the outside.  It can be used as a one-way viewing film, providing daylight privacy.  If it is used on an exterior window it needs to be installed on the outside.  Like one-way mirrors it is not private at night time (the private side must be darker than the other side to achieve the one-way effect).

NB:  If you are viewing this product in the One-Way Mirror category this is not a reflective film; Perforated is an alternative to mirror films as it also offers daytime privacy in much the same way that reflective films do.