Decorative Frost Window Films

Wholesale Window Frosting Films from Apex Window Films are featured in this category for their popularity and excellent wholesale price point.  To view our complete selection of decorative and privacy films please visit our our retail area - ALL Apex retail films are available at wholesale discount when purchasing a full roll. 

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Opaque Black-Out Film - Wholesale


Available Width 47" and 60" Black, totally opaque polyester film.  Total privacy, light and UV blocking film.  This is a 10+ years film. VLT:  0% ABSORPTANCE:  89% TOTAL SOLAR ENERGY REJECTED:  72% NB:  This window film...

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White-Out Film - Wholesale


Available Width 48" and 60" White opaque polyester film, UV Blocking.  Total privacy, light blocking window film.  This is a 10+ years film. VLT;  7% ABSORPTION: 41% TOTAL SOLAR ENERGY REJECTED: 78%

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