Tinted/Solar Security Films

Tinted/Solar Security Films

Apex Window Films' collection of DIY tinted or solar control security films combine the strength of security film with the heat, glare and ultraviolet rejection benefits of solar control window film.

On the security side, window films in this category installed on flat glass will hold glass that is broken either accidentally or intentionally together after impact.  These films are installed to help prevent break-and-enter through glass as their tough coating will deter thieves who are looking for easy access through glass windows and doors that are typically very vulnerable.  On the solar control side, these window films block heat and glare for improved comfort and energy savings.

Please note:  for do-it-yourself installation, these films are heavier than other solar control window films..  We recommend the use of a professional grade squeegee, such as the Apex Pro Blue Chisel Tip Squeegee

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