Hurricane and Severe Weather Film

Apex Window Films' DIY Hurricane & Severe Weather Films are 8 to 9mil security films, judged to be the appropriate strength for glass protection in severe weather events, come is both clear and tinted for the added benefit of solar control; Solar control versions of these films offer the added benefit of blocking heat and glare.  All of the films in our severe weather line-up block at least 98% of UV light, protecting people and property from damaging ultravioliet rays. 

Apex DIY anti-shatter, severe weather protection film, also referred to as hurricane film, shatterproof films, storm safety film, or sesimic/earthquake protection film, is applied to the interior side of the window and hold glass in place in case of impact from hail, high winds, windborne projectiles and debris or buildings racking from seismic activity.  While the glass may still break the film helps prevent shards of glass that become flying daggers when glass is unprotected from damaging interiors or harming occupants.  The film will also provide protection from water damage after glass breaks, another serious concern during such weather episodes.  PLEASE scroll down to view our severe weather film line-up: