Electromagnetic Interference: Defense Against Data Theft

wireless.jpgInformation theft is a modern-day threat to government security and high profile businesses. Everyday electronic equipment, such as wireless networks, PDAs, laptops, cellular phones and computer monitors, release electromagnetic fields that are intercepted and decoded by hi-tech criminals.

Particular Armorcoat window films act as a barrier, with their flexible, transparent metal layer blocking the transmission of classified information through electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Protect corporate privacy and block advanced eavesdroppers with Armorcoat window film, the preferred protection against electronic intrusion.

Concerned That Window Films will Cause EM Interference?

Are you concerned that your window films could interfere with the flow of electronic information in environments where you prefer clear transmission?

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Apex Window Films offers the solution with nano ceramic window films that are metal free and will not interfere with your electronic devices.