One Way Window Film

When you think of one way window film, you probably think of it in a cops-and-perps context. We've seen the scene often in movies and on TV: the good guys watch through a one way mirror while a suspect is being interrogated. There are, however, many other uses for one way window film, including uses in the home.

Dance classes, martial arts classes and the like often use large areas of one way window film. This allows people to observe the class without distracting the students. Students can also use the mirror to check their form.

Mirrored columns in department stores, especially in areas where upscale items are sold, are often observation posts for security guards. Observation areas in workplaces use one way mirrors to keep an eye on customers and employees alike. A one way mirror may also shield hidden cameras.

"...One way window film also has many applications in home decor.."

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Residential Uses for One Way Window Film

One way window film also has many applications in home decor. When installed with the mirror surface facing out, for instance, it can act as a privacy window film, allowing you to enjoy your view without being visible from the outside. (You should be aware, however, that when the interior is lit at night, there is visibility from the exterior.) A mirrored surface in front of a television keeps it out of sight when not in use, but allows full visibility when the TV is turned on.

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