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Apex 07 mil Safety Film - 60"


Available widths: 60" Apex 7 mil safety film is a clear, polyester UV-Blocking window that is virtually undetectable on window glass. This is a  quality 15+ years film. If you require bulk film, please visit our Wholesale Window Films area for...

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Apex 14 mil DIY Security Window Film


Available widths: 36", 48", 60" and 72" Excellent security film for premium quality and strength choose the 14 mil thickness; Our Highest Break Strength Security Window Film 406 lb/sq/inch; Clear window film, virtually unnoticeable on glass   When...

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Apex Bronze 20 - DIY Solar Film


Available widths: 23", 36", 60" Solar control window film with a silver finish, highly reflective offering excellent daytime privacy, heat and glare control. VISIBLE LIGHT TRANSMITTED:  19% ULTRAVIOLET BLOCKED: 98+% REFLECTIVITY: 46% INTERNAL...

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