Window Privacy Film

Window privacy can be achieved by means of a number of window film options. The option selected will be determined by the type of building, the aesthetic you hope to achieve, lighting conditions, and other benefits you would like the window film to provide.

decorative-film-interior-privacy.jpgDecorative Window Films

Decorative window films are used in both commercial and residential applications to achieve privacy. While many decorative films allow light to pass through, for example the frosted window film depicted on the right, they are opaque enough to block sightlines and create privacy in all light conditions. For more information on decorative window films, CLICK HERE

glass-building.gifReflective Window Films

Reflective window films are often used on office buildings for solar protection as well as privacy. Reflective tints are typically more desirable for commercial buildings than they are for residential situations. It is important to note that reflective films require that interior light remain lower than exterior light in order for privacy to be maintained.

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black-out-small.jpgWindow Tints

Long the standard for automotive privacy, dark window tints, particularly black-out tints such as those used in many limousines can provide privacy. The drawbacks to this type of window film solution are that there is an interior darkening effects and, like the reflective window films, in most cases the interior must be darker than the exterior in order for privacy to be maintained.

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