Embossed Designs

Apex Windwo Films DIY Embossed Films are decorative privacy films that have a colorless pattern 'embossed' into the film, such that the pattern is textured.  While they have no color, the patterns are apparent through translucent and opaque patterning.  These films create an interesting effect on glass and are neutral to match virtually any decor.  Choose a pattern that picks up on a decor theme, commercial brand, o Scroll down to view our collection of embossed design window film patterns - colorless patterned film that is suitable in many decor applications.

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Molten - Static Cling Window Film


Available Width 35.5" Textured, clear, colorless decorative privacy window film with the bubbling look of lava.  Provides good light flow.  This is a static cling film which is applied without chemical adhesives.

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