Exterior Films

Rooftop skylight with exterior window filmApex Window Films' DIY Exterior Installation Solar Control Window Films are rugged films, designed to withstand the elements over the long-term.  Exterior window films are most often recommended for skylights;  Skylights present a challenge in terms of their location and heat retention, therefore, it is recommended that solar control window films be installed on the exterior rather than the interior as with most other solar films and tints.  Please note:  for do-it-yourself skylight installation projects, this film should only be installed on flat skylights - convex or bubble-type skylights will require the consultation of a professional.

Exterior solar control films are also used when location makes it difficult to install films on the interior side of the glass or where uneven heat absorption could cause too much thermal stress.  Apex DIY exterior solar films are available in both wet-mount adhesive and static cling versions.  Colour selections include silver, bronze and grey. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We recommend that when installing Exterior Solar Control Window Films that they be edge sealed with silicone to prevent the elements from getting under the film.

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