Low-Emissivity - "Low-E"

Low-Emissivity window films, commonly referred to as 'Low-E' or 'Summer-Winter' films are a terrific energy conservation retrofit for climates that experience hot summers and cold winters as they block solar heat gain in the hotter spring and summer months, reducing air conditioning loads and in the winter they help to retain heat that would otherwise escape through your windows!

Low-E window films have the added benefit of reducing glare, making it easier to view electronic screens, such as computer monitors and televisions without drawing the blinds or drapes.  They also block damaging Ultraviolet (UV) rays that are harmful to people and cause interiors to fade.

You don't need to replace your windows!  DIY Low-E films from Apex Window films are the year-round comfort, environmental, and energy saving solution for the northern U.S. and Canadian climate, therefore, offering an excellent return on investment through heating and air conditioning cost reductions.  Do-it-yourself and save money on energy costs and installation.  PLEASE SCROLL DOWN to view our selection of DIY Low-Emissivity films:

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