Privacy Window Film

toronto-20111019-00089.jpgGlass Privacy Solutions to Meet Your Unique Needs

Installing privacy window film is an attractive and cost-effective way to protect your privacy or block an unsightly view while still permitting light flow. 

Apex has been installing privacy window films for both commercial and residential applications across the Greater Toronto Area for many years.  Our experienced consultants will assist you in determining the most effective and pleasing solution for your specific privacy needs.

Options for Glass Privacy Include:

  • Privacy Frosts and Decorative Films
  • Semi-Privacy Films and Custom Graphics
  • Full-Colour Window Signage
  • Reflective Films
  • Total Black-Out or White-Out

Window film means that you can change the texture or design at will, or simply remove it when you move without having to replace the glass or physically/chemically alter the glass as with sandblasting or etching. This makes it an ideal solution for renters, commercial leases, or those who would prefer the option to change their mind in the future.

Privacy or Semi-Privacy

Privacy window film has many applications for both business and residential environments.  Apex offers a number of window film solutions to meet your privacy needs.

From classic frosts and etched glass effects to unique patterns, colours and textures, decorative window films can provide full privacy while allowing the benefits of light flow.  CLICK HERE to browse our collection of decorative privacy window films.

Other films are patterned allowing gaps in the design which you can see through.  Apex can also create a custom cut graphic in the film to make a decor statement in your home or identify your business and promote your brand in commercial applications.  


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max-bender-unsplash-solar.jpg Reflective Window Films

We are all familiar with shiny reflective windows, often seen in buildings.  Providing daytime privacy, this privacy solution can be achieved with the use of reflective solar control tint films.  Apex offers a range of colours and reflectance from silver mirror-effect films to bronze-toned reflective film. 

It is important to note that the privacy level of reflective films is dependent upon lighting; as long as it is brighter outside than inside the films will reflect light.  When lights are on at night time this solution will not be as effective.  For this reason, it is preferred in commercial settings, however, residential customers will pair these films with window coverings such as drapes or blinds for night time privacy so that they can maintain their daytime views without blocking out natural light the way that traditional window coverings do. 




Colour Window Graphicsdental-graphic-portfolio-see.jpg

In addition to precision-cut window graphics, Apex Window Films also offers state-of-the-art, large-scale film printing services that enable us to create window graphics for businesses across the GTA to promote their brand and services, inform and also create privacy when applied to their windows, doors or glass walls. 


Opaque Black-Out and White-Out Films 

Some people would prefer to have total privacy, 24/7, as well as blocking out as much exterior light as possible without the use of drapes or blinds.  In this case, Apex can offer opaque window films in a variety of colours or even a stainless steel film.  These types of films are fine for interior glass, however, caution must be exercised when installing these types of films on exterior windows as they may retain heat and cause glass to crack.  For this reason, most opaque films and automotive tints are not recommended for exterior architectural windows.  Always consult a professional before deciding to install an opaque film on an exterior window.


Faux Wrought Iron Inserts

Wrought iron inserts for residential doors and sidelights are on-trend in the GTA.  Apex Window Films has developed a method of achieving the look of a wrought iron insert without having to remove or replace the window unit.  Apex Faux Wrought Iron window film inserts are applied to your existing glass!  They are available in an array of patterns and can be combined with a number of privacy films from frosts to more textured films to create a custom-effect for your home.  For those who would like an added layer of security, a layer of safety or security film can also be added.


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Your Toronto Area Window Privacy Experts

Apex Window Films has provided privacy films across the Greater Toronto Area since 2005 for everything from large-scale commercial buildings to bathroom showers, retail windows and condo glass sliders.

Contact Apex Window Films today to discuss your privacy needs.  Our expert window film consultant can discuss solutions for your home or business specifically tailored to meet your needs.