Security Window Film

Protect Yourself From Intruders With Security Window Film

The Insurance Bureau of Canada recommends security window film for loss prevention in both residential and commercial applications. While cameras and alarms may deter some crime, neither can actually prevent an intruder from breaking in. Protective film on your windows, however, keeps the glass in place even when it is shattered, thereby denying the intruder access.

Protective film can help prevent injuries, whether from a neighbour's stray golf ball or a terrorist's bomb. In explosions and natural disasters, the majority of injuries--up to 85 percent--result from flying glass. Safety film keeps the shattered glass in place and renders it harmless.

Security Film Features

Safety film is available in both clear and solar protection formats. Both types screen out 98 percent of ultraviolet rays, while solar films can repel up to 80 percent of full-spectrum solar energy, keeping rooms cooler and preventing hot spots and glare. The savings in HVAC expenses alone can help pay for the installation.

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