Static Cling Window Films

Removable and Reusable the Apex DIY Static Cling Window Film Collection allows you the flexibility of changing your window films with the seasons.  These films adhere to your glass withouth the use of chemical adhesives so the bond is less permanent than other types of window films, yet they may remain on your glass for years.  They offer the flexibility of one-piece removal and the opportunity to move to another window or to store for future use if the original backing is kept.

Apex also carries a line of static cling window decals that look like intricate patterns etched in frost on your window.  Click here for static cling window decals.

Scroll Down to view the complete collection of Apex DIY Static Cling Window Films:

3D Framed - Static Cling Window Film


Available Width 35.5" Geometric pattern of uniform 1.25" squares, each with diminishing squares within that play with light to give a unique 3D effect.  This is a static cling film that is easily removed in one piece.  Colourless...

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Discus - Static Cling Window Film


Available Width 35.5" Colourless circles in a clear backgroud appear etched in a circular pattern which gives the discs light refracting qualities.  Each circle is approximately 2.25" in diameter.  Discs are evenly spaced,...

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