Apex Neutral 75 - DIY Solar Film


Available widths: 60" Neutral solar control window film with a great light transmission properties and very low reflective qualities. VISIBLE LIGHT TRANSMITTED:  76% ULTRAVIOLET BLOCKED: 98%+ REFLECTIVITY: 9% TOTAL SOLAR ENERGY REJECTED: 38%   * Please...

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Apex Pulp Paper - Standard Pre-Cut Sizes


Pre-Cut Sizes Available:  24" x 36", 24" x 48", 24" x 72" and 11.5" x 84" Attractive matte frost privacy film with pattern of fibrous strands.  This film offers very good light flow and privacy characteristics. Neutral film appropriate for...

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Apex Silver 15 - DIY Solar Film


Available widths: 23", 36", 60" Solar control window film with a silver finish, highly reflective offering excellent daytime privacy, heat and glare control.  High-grade, sputter-coated film. VISIBLE LIGHT TRANSMITTED:  17% ULTRAVIOLET...

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