Before and After Pictures - Panorama Solar Film

Apex Window Film installs solar control window films in Greater Toronto Area homes and businesses every day. Solar films are not just for hot climates. While effectively control solar heat gain during Toronto's hot summers, they also reduce hot spots in sunny windows that make it difficult to balance interior temperatures year round. Toronto home and business owners with solar control window films also benefit from reduced glare and damage caused by UV, heat and light to their interiors and merchandise.

It is difficult to see something as optically clear as Panorama solar control window films. These pictures demonstrate the difference before and after Panorama Window Film installation.

Before Solar Film:

before solar film residential

After Solar Film:

after panorama solar control window film Notice that there is very little difference in the amount of light, however glare is greatly reduced. The benefits you can't see are the solar heat gain reduction, UV protection, improved comfort, energy savings and protection from sun damage and fading to interiors.


before solar film residential glare


after panorama window tintSolar control window films do not change the look of your glass, however they may enhance the look of your decor by reducing glare and adding protection from fading.

CLICK HERE for details on the Causes of Fading

For those clients who desire room darkening, privacy or mirrored glass, Apex offers a wide range of premium quality window films to suit your needs.

Let Apex Window Films help you find the solar control window film solution that is right for your specific commercial or residential installation.

*Pictures provided by the manufacturer, Bekaert Window Films