DIY Window Film Installation Video Demos

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Step 1:  Preparing the Glass

This video gives a detailed demonstration of the tools and steps required to adequately clean and prepare glass for window film installation. 

This video is a "Must See" for every DIY window film project as clean glass is crucial to the overall success of your installation and appearance of the finished product.

Installing Frosted Window Film

This video gives step-by-step instructions on installing frosted window film.

Be sure to watch "Step 1: Preparing the Glass" video before attempting to install your window film.

This video should be watched along with the beveled glass videos parts 1 & 2 if your project is to achieve one of the beveled glass effects described in those videos.

Achieving the Look of Beveled Glass - Part 1

This video demonstrates the process of cutting a 'reveal' around a piece of frosted window film to achieve the look of beveled glass.

You will need to have viewed the video Installing Frosted Window Film prior to viewing this video.

Achieving the Look of Beveled Glass
Part 2: More Privacy by Frosting the Reveal

This video demonstrates an approach to achieving complete privacy with window film in a 'beveled glass' project.

You will need to have viewed the video "Achieving the Look of Beveled Glass - Part 1" prior to viewing this video.

Installing Solar Control Window Film or Tint on Flat Glass
(Architectural Windows)

Installing solar control window films or tints on flat glass (architectural glass) is somewhat different from installing decorative window films and frosts due to the differences in the film.

This video demonstrates solar film installation on a home window, providing tips to make your installation cleaner and easier.

Installing Decorative/Privacy Window Film

Step-by-step instructions on how to install decorative window films. Decorative vinyl window films are heavier than solar films and require a somewhat different installation process. Decorative films are best installed with 2 people working together.

This video demonstrates a bathroom installation. It highlights the way in which the right decorative film will improve privacy while maintaining good light transmission in a practical and aesthetically pleasing fashion.

How To Install Security Window Film 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

This is a three-part DIY video series specific to safety and security window film installation.

Part 1 - Tools and Supplies

Part 2 - Cleaning and Glass Preparation

Part 3 - Installation

Tips for Installing Security Film on Door Windows and Sidelights

This video outlines some tips for enhancing the effectiveness of security films on tempered glass in doors and sidelights.

This clip does not give installation instructions. If you are installing security window film, follow the same steps outlined in our Decorative Window Film Installation video.

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