Geometric Patterns

Apex Window Films' Geometric Patterned Window Films are decorative and privacy films.  Most geometric patterns feature stripes, squares or geometric shapes and offer semi-privacy - though some offer full privacy. Combine a semi-private geometric pattern window films with a color or frost for full privacy and an interesting 'Film Fusion' effect. 

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Harmony - Dark - DIY Decorative Window Film


Available Widths: 50" Harmony - Dark;  a geometric pattern of smoke stripes in varying widths and shades/opacity from very light to nearly opaque black.  The pattern of stripes repeats iteself approximately every 2.5".   Allows good...

Molten - Static Cling Window Film


Available Width 35.5" Textured, clear, colorless decorative privacy window film with the bubbling look of lava.  Provides good light flow.  This is a static cling film which is applied without chemical adhesives.

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Shoji Squares


Available "Height" - 36" Interesting twist on shoji screen, incorporating geometric pattern of inter-connecting squares.  Large squares are 7" at the outer edge and small squares measure 2" at the outer edge. This is a wide-format window film,...

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