Instructions for applying window film graphics


Instructions for applying window film graphics


Tools that you will need


Razor scraper


Paper towels

Stiff plastic “5-way” tools or plastic trowel

Tape measure

Masking Tape

Spray bottle

Baby shampoo


  1. Mix about 1 liter of filtered or distilled water with 2 drops of baby shampoo in spray bottle.
  2. Spray surface of glass opening with soapy mix and clean with razor scraper.
  3. Spray again and squeegee then wipe perimeter and frame with paper towel.
  4. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you are satisfied that the window is very clean.
  5. Use a measuring tape and some masking tape to line up the graphic on the window. Make sure it is level, and in the position you want it top to bottom, and left to right. A laser level works very well to achieve this if you have one.
  6. (It is best if you have a helper to remove the liner from the film). Peel back the liner from the graphic so that the graphic sticks to the masking tape covering it and reveals the sticky side of the film. Spray some solution on this side of the graphic as well as on the window. Now line up the graphic to the tape placed on the window.
  7. Spray surface of the film and gently squeegee water from center of work and push out to edges of film.
  8. Cover the 5-way tool or a stiff plastic edge with paper towel and continue to push water to the outer edge of the film.
  9. Continue pushing out the excess water with the plastic edge until you are satisfied that you cannot remove any more water.
  10. Allow the graphic some time to dry on the window, and then re-wet the masking and begin to peel it back away from the glass and the film surface. Take your time and make sure that none of the film is pulling away with the masking.
  11. If the graphic is still wet, and you discover some small water bubbles after installation, don’t worry! In time these should evaporate away without a trace.

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