Measuring for Do-It-Yourself Window Film Orders

mpj04068290000-1-.jpgMeasuring for your DIY window film project is very simple, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Make a list of windows you wish to cover with film
  2. Measure each window by both length and width, adding 1/2" to each measurement (a bias is required for installation purposes)
  3. Measure again, just to be sure!
  4. Calculate the number of linear feet of window film you will need to complete the job
  5. Place your DIY window film order online

Ensure that the window film you are ordering is available in sufficient width to cover your windows*. For most applications, you will not want to create seams as they will be apparent.

*For wider windows, some films may be cut length-wise, provided the width of the window film you are ordering is sufficient to cover the length of the window. For example, if you are ordering a 48" window film, but have a window that is 53" wide, you may be able to fit the film by turning it length to width, provided your window length does not exceed 47.5" ( Remember an additional 1/2' bias is required for both length and width.) If you have a number of narrow windows you may be able to economize on the amount of film ordered by measuring this way as well. PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to do this with patterned decorative window films as the pattern will not line up!

You may find it useful to draw out diagrams on graph paper to help you lay out your work. (You can create and print your own graph paper online from a number of sites, like


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