Opaque - Black-Out 47" Glossy-Flat

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Available Width:  47"

Black opaque window film - glossy on the adhesive side and flat on the other.  Total privacy window film that also blocks out all visual light. 

This film may be used in conjunction with a reflective silver solar film, like Apex Supreme Silver 20 to create a mirror on interior glass.

NB:  This window film is highly absorptive (absorptance 89%) - caution should be exercised if applying this film to exterior windows - this film should not be installed on dual pane exterior windows, but is generally safe for tempered glass and single-pane windows.  This film is intended for use on single pane glass or tempered double pane glass.  It is not reccommeded for doulble pane glass, double pane low-e coated glass or laminated glass.