Panorama Hilite Premium Quality Spectrally Selective Solar Film

people protected from UV Panorama window film imageImprove the quality of your life by keeping out uncomfortable heat, protecting your furnishings and letting in the view you love, with Panorama® Hilite® spectrally selective window film.

Panorama Hilite is the key to high-performing windows. The film is virtually undetectable on your windows, but it keeps your home cooler and more comfortable while protecting your decor. Hilite provides an unaltered view of the outdoors while keeping your home naturally cool, new, and bright and enhancing its value. The original appearance of your glass is maintained; Hilite is not noticeable from the outside or inside.

For extra security, rely on Panorama® 8Mil Hilite 70. It provides the same exceptional solar control, along with a high-level of security by keeping glass intact, even if it’s shattered. Your family and treasured belongings are protected from attempted break-ins, severe weather damage, or a soccer ball hitting a window. 

Panorama® 8Mil Hilite 70 Window Film Provides:

  • Relief from the Heat
    8Mil Hilite 70 blocks 55% of total solar energy, keeping you more comfortable and lowering cooling expenses.
  • Maintains Your Home or Building’s Appearance
    This low-reflective, optically clear film won’t change the appearance of your building, inside or out.
  • Protect Valuables from Sun Damage
    By blocking 99% of UV rays, Panorama® 8Mil Hilite 70 protects art, carpets, furnishings – and you – from harmful sun exposure.
  • Peace of Mind
    Rest assured that your home or business is protected from break-in’s through windows and flying shards when a window is shattered.