Safety and Security Films

Apex Window Films' line of DIY Security and safety window films are also referred to as anti-shatter or shatterproof glass films.  They are quickly gaining popularity for their ability to retain glass in the event of accidental or intentional impact.  These films are available in a variety of strengths to provide the protection level required for your specific DIY safety or security application.  Films in the 2-4mil range are typically considered safety films providing glass retention properities and UV blocking for safety from broken glass injury and the suns's harmful ultraviolet rays.  Films in the 8mil and over range are typically installed for security reason as well as severe weather protection.  All of this films also provide UV protection.

Safety and Security window films in this category perform best on annealed glass and are not recommended for tempered glass without the use of an anchoring system.  Click Here for more on Identifying Tempered and Annealed Glass.

CLICK HERE to view DIY demonstration videos on Security Window Film Installation

Apex 07 mil Safety Film - 60"


Available widths: 60" Apex 7 mil safety film is a clear, polyester UV-Blocking window that is virtually undetectable on window glass. This is a  quality 15+ years film. If you require bulk film, please visit our Wholesale Window Films area for...

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Apex 14 mil DIY Security Window Film


Available widths: 36", 48", 60" and 72" Excellent security film for premium quality and strength choose the 14 mil thickness; Our Highest Break Strength Security Window Film 406 lb/sq/inch; Clear window film, virtually unnoticeable on glass   When...

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