Minimize Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

electromagnetic interference minimized with nano ceramic window film technology imageNon-Metallic Window Films Minimize Interference with Your Electronic Devices

With the advent of wireless devices such as cellular telephones, global positioning systems (GPS), Cellular devices and others, it is important to keep communication lines clear. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) causes disruption to wireless communication services.

Most solar window films contain metal. These metals cause electromagnetic interference that disrupts or even blocks your reception.

Ceramic window films contain no metals. These window coatings are composed of electrically conductive transition metal oxy-nitride which has intrinsic solar selectivity originating from its unique molecular structure. Ceramic solar films are therefore able to reject heat and at the same time minimize EMI enabling electronic devices to function indoors.

Ceramic Films allow infrared beams, such as those used in television remotes, to pass through so that these devices also function effectively.

Want to Block Electronic Transmissions?

Perhaps you would prefer the ability to block radio waves for privacy or security reasons. Apex Window Films also carries a range of high quality metallic window films providing excellent solar protection. 

For clients who wish to specifically protect against data theft by creating electromagnetic interference Apex Window Films can install Armorcoat Security Films. Please contact Apex Window Films for more information about Security Films.