Warehouse Decorative Film Case Study


warehouse before decorative window film for privacy and securitywarehouse after privacy window film for added securityAfter...

This major appliance distribution centre in Milton, Ontario required privacy for large windows in their warehouse.

Utilizing "Sandblasted" decorative film, Apex was able to deliver privacy--an important aspect of commercial security.

Interior Before:

warehouse interior before privacy window filmInterior After:

warehouse with privacy window film allows light in but maintains privacyYou can see from these interior 'before' and 'after' photos that there is still significant light transmission through the warehouse's windows.

Window films also reduce glare that can impair sightlines, particularly from late-afternoon sun. The safety of forklift operators and warehouse workers is enhanced by reducing blinding glare.

Decorative window films are available in a wide variety of colours and textures and there are a myriad options for graphic cutting. With so many window films to choose from, let Apex Window Film's professional window protection experts help you find the right solution for your specific requirement.

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